Friday, 28 August 2009

Weekend Football

The big game of the weekend in the EPL is of course the Man Utd - Arsenal clash at Old Trafford; with the bookies tending to slightly favour the home team over the free scoring Gunners. One to avoid for accumulator types, but tempting in a single / small stakes double is the draw, which is available for 11/5 with William Hills. Last season Arsenal took 4 points from the Champions, and I can see a share of the spoils being the result after 90 minutes tomorrow. If I was to stick my neck on the line I would predict a 1-1 scoreline. How contentious would an Eduardo penalty be to seal that one ?!

After giving the football betting a miss last Saturday after suffering from the usual "One result always lets you down" syndrom the week before. (Two trebles and a four-fold, all let down by my bankers; of course Villa at home to Wigan being one of them). I will however be enjoying a small tickler on the following tomorrow. Prices quoted are with William Hill. Short odds most of them, I realise; but I could really do with some points on the board rather than be too greedy !

Bolton - LIVERPOOL (8/15)
NEWCASTLE - Leicester (4/6)
BRADFORD - Torquay (EVS)

ABERDEEN - Motherwell (4/5)
Bristol City - MIDDLESBROUGH (13/10)
Colchester Utd - LEEDS (6/5)

Man Utd - Arsenal Draw (11/5)

Thanks for reading, and good luck all !
Mountain Man


moDtheGod said...

William Hill. Best prices: fact.

TheHat said...

William Hill. Worst staff: fact.

In seriousness, how can you produce such a general statement?

TheHat said...

I like Aberdeen today too, but I'll be taking the 11/10 with PP - significantly better than WH.

I like Sheffield Wednesday @ Plymouth - 15/8.

And I'm not being picky but I might back Kilmarnock aswell today but not at the 4/5 with WH when they are bigger in a lot of other places.

Mountain Man said...

To be honest, I've found Totesport to be good with their footie prices, but cos I'm lazy, it's a toss up between Chavbrookes or Willy Hills for me, as they're the closest bookies to my local. Always put my bets on in town as it's an excuse for a cheeky Saturday afternoon pint or two while the results roll in !

moDtheGod said...

It's funny really, because you can't produce such a general statement. Fair play to the marketing bods for trying.

Next time you pass a Hills shop, look closely at the "Best Prices - Fact" poster in the window and take note of the asterisk.

Then read the small print at the bottom. It's ridiculous :D

Mountain Man said...

Sorry guys, those tips were bloody awful. Some pretty unpredictable stuff.

Good shout from Scott on the Pigs, sorry, Owls. I got them into a line. Which was let down by 'Boro !

John Long said...

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George said...

I put money on the draw and am still upset that it didn't end up happening..

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