Saturday, 21 November 2009


I'm massively addicted to MMATycoon, a MMA Management Simulation game and this generally has taken up my entire life recently. Very addictive.

And I'm off work with a fucked back. Sigh.


moDtheGod said...

I'm not sure it *is* dying to be honest.

If you look at the contributions, I'd say the vast majority of posts come from me and Scott. Scott is still posting away merrily.

I have been hella busy lately, with my deputy manager's course plus my ten days in Scotland. I wanted to write about the Breeders Cup but was just too tired and have had a couple of experiences like that in the last month. I was going to write a post last night even, tipping Imperial Commander to beat Kauto Star today (glad I didn't, though it was close) but again, just been busy and tired. But the key is, I still have the desire to blog and I always enjoy other contributions, about anything.

Without wanting to sound liek a dick and I certainly don't mean anything by it, noone else has ever really posted. I always enjoy Will's bits about racing as he's far more knowledgable than me, but he's never been a prolific poster, so nothing's really changed for him. Kenny rarely posts and I can't really remember anything he's ever posted. Gav never posts, ever. The only thing that sticks out from Tim is that big F1 preview, which was good, but again, one post a year.

So the only thing that's dipped is my own input, which I can explain. But a review of personnel might still be a good idea, although if we got in people from outside our own circle of friends, I'm not sure how interested I'd be in actually reading what they have to say anyway. Plus, you can bring in fresh blood, but they might still not post - look at Gav. Gav's a mentalist and has loads of drunken exploits and interesting poker stories, but he just doesn't write much. If people don't fancy writing, they won't write.

Mountain Man said...

To be fair, I view the blog once or twice daily, as I do with other forums / regular sites.

I'll hold my hands up to being lazy. Of all of the contributers to this blog, I have more time on my hands than anyone here I think.

I intended to write several pieces lately. It's easy to say that, but so much harder to knuckle down and do it. My writing would however be in items which I am not "backing/playing in" however, as I've really hit a brick wall. It would be from an observers point of view.

We started out brightly. A lengthy posting most days, plus one or two fun bits / short tips. Now we've got to the stage where until today, the last posting was nigh on a month ago.

Scott, who is without a doubt the driving force and mainstay of the blog, plus Dom, who has probably done just as much research and writing, have really kept this going for well over a year. I've put the odd bit in here and there, probably along the same lines as Will, when we put our minds to it, we really do go in deep. Kenny too is a good writer, but like myself, lacks the drive to sit down and write something meaningful. I guess with Gav joining later, when things had already started winding down, it is harder to really get the gist and interest in it.

I don't want to see this blog die. I know that much. Nor do I want to give up my (minimal) participation in it. However, to be involved, you need to actually be active. Sorry, I'm rambling. I've been on a cocktail of drink and "legal highs" tonight (which I'm led to believe contained weedkiller).

Can we instill further new blood ? I'm not sure throwing more bodies from within our circle will work. We could invite some "outsiders" but why would they want to join us ?

The other option is to wind it up and say it was good while it lasted.

snoopy1239 said...

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