Friday, 11 December 2009


Just reading some old blog posts to pass the time. Some amusing stories, great tips and spectacularly poor ones.

Stumbled across this in a Scott post:

I've had a ridiculous league winners combo bet: on Man Utd @ 11/4; WBA @ 6/1; Dundee @ 5/4; Rangers (Scottish Cup) @ 15/8; and Hibs (without big 2) @ 7/1. I'll be ridiculously rich if they all pull it off!

That looks a nice bet, just now. Placing the same accumulator now, you'd be looking at best prices of 2/1 Man Utd, 5/2 for WBA, 4/11 Dundee, 6/4 Hibs and Rangers is still 15/8.

Scott's bet returns £1,358.44 to a £1 stake. The current odds return just £102.91 to the same stake.

GO GO GO CAMBO! I expect a drink if that comes in.


TheHat said...

gogogo indeed

Mountain Man said...

Stranger things have happened, I fully expect Chelsea to drop a good "hatful" of points after Christmas when we lose a load of players for the African Cup of Nations. The Dees need to turn some draws into wins, but other than that ...

Hopefully Mr Campbell can have some luck on his side (like in the 2006/07 season at DUPS ;-p)