Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Win It Back

Small loss last night on the Sky Dogs so I'm going to win it back on T3 Ron The Rat in the 9:25 @ Romford tonight.

And double it with T2 Bills Teddy in the 9:57.

But anyone reading this should 100% not touch these cos I seem to be on poor form.

EDIT: had a nosey at Harlow too.

Really like the look of T5 Negotiate in the 9:45. And also T6 Dainty County in the 8:45 race.


Freddy said...

Did you win it back?
How did Ron do?

TheHat said...

Sorry, just seen this comment.

Ron was shit, last I think. But Negotiate won and that was my biggest bet so I clawed a bit back.