Saturday, 6 March 2010


I write this as the scores are flowing through and I could do with Plymouth grabbing an equaliser soon to fill my pockets. Barnsley were doing well first half until a dubious sending off of their keeper and now they are getting whalloped. Sigh. Anyway, I mentioned Shaw's Dilemma at the end of the last post and he runs tonight at Wimbledon over 460m as he continues his Derby preparation. However, it's stupidly short at 1/3 so we'll leave that alone.

I think I'm hitting up the Dundee Gala £20f tonight so may as well have a few bets on the dogs to keep track of whilst I'm there. Shameless brag, chopped it last time.

7:45 - T6 Harry's Mentor (Predicted price: 5/1)
Isn't slow to the first corner and in a poor race has some decent recent times to claim this A7.

8:00 - T3 Small Crane (2/1) NAP
Reading the form here I thought Crane would be odds on so to see it as 2/1 makes it a near max bet for me.

EDIT: Full-time in the football and a late winner from Motherwell robbed me of £400, bastards.

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moDtheGod said...

For me, in one of four or five other parallel universes (is that a word?), Barnsley have won.

6-1 re: Barnsley doesn't make you look the mug some might first think. If they'd lost 1-0, it'd be exactly the same as 6-1 when Steele oughtn't to have been sent off. Don't forget that.

I'm sure you don't need me to tell you, but sometimes these obvious facts can be forgotten.

If you got 7/1, then you expected to lose up to seven times to one win. I'm still with you, man! For me, was clearly a value bet. We at Hills only went 11/2, which is more like it.

For the record, I didn't agree with West Ham but totally agreed with Fulham and was surprised they couldn't eke out a winner.