Monday, 8 March 2010

Harry Potter and the Attack of the Ned

First of all, sorry for the abundance of horrible selections this weekend. Really terrible.

At the request of Dom I'll post up the picture of what my head looks like currently. On Saturday I was caught in the middle of a scuffle in a notorious Dundee club and some ned ended up giving me a running bulldog into the corner of a wall. A tad unfortunate perhaps.

Kind of knew it was fairly bad when bouncers from the club were looking at the cut and having to turn away and look like they were about to be sick. At the hospital a student doctor and nurse were in on the stitching job and I overheard the proper doctor pointing out my skull and nerves. It was super deep, it's 7cm long and was an inch or so wide.

Bizarrely this wouldn't have even happened had I not suffered a bad beat at the final table of the 20f at the Gala. I crushed my opening table (as per) and got up to 50k at the break from 12k. After the break I lost a fairly big pot that set me back when my QQ was no good versus KJ and AT aipf. However played well to get to the final in ok-ish shape. Second hand my KK was no match for TT aipf against some smelly woman meaning me and Chico headed to mine for some Pro Evo and drinks before going out. Major sigh. Anyway the photo......


Mountain Man said...

Jesus christ mate ! You're gonna look like a right tough bastard with that !

There was something on the news about a bloke being in a bad way at a certain Dundee nightspot after a big bust up on Saturday night, was this in the same incident ? The club was F.S. I believe.

It'll fix soon mate, all the best. I'll avoid any obvious jokes for now ;-)

moDtheGod said...

What news? Surely not national news?

Mountain Man said...

It was on Ceefax Regional News (Scotland obv), I check it from time to time, particularly for incidents in Dundee !

TheHat said...

This was in super deja