Sunday, 22 February 2009

GG Monies*

*unless Valencia win.

Had a terrible weekend betting wise. I've barely managed one winner all weekend and ridiculously I haven't placed one bet on the only sport I'm probably a lifetime winner at - Greyhounds. Reading the form online gives me a headache after one or two races for some reason. I'll need to start buying the RP more often.

Worst thing was yesterday was when I had a treble on draws in the Boro/Wigan, Stoke/Pompey and Aldershit/Morecambe games. At some point in the first half I mistakenly think I've got Acc and Stanley/Dag & Red instead of the Aldershot game and when Pompey get a late equaliser I'm pretty much doing a lap of the living room. Was gutted to discover the error of my ways.

To make things worse Kenny, the random punter, scoops his coupon. I should use the pin in the coupon method too!

So, anyway, I need Valencia to beat Deportivo to get me out for the weekend after early successes for Sampdoria and Toon/Everton draw.

One Time David Villa.

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