Saturday, 9 January 2010

BDO darts

Hello all. Been a stranger recently in terms of posts but have been enjoying the contributions and will be posting more this year. Must say I'm enjoying Tim's run downs of the last decade. Can't believe how long ago some of these things happened now!

Anyway a quick tip for you in the BDO darts today.

John O'Shea at 2.02 (Betfair) to beat Dave Chisnell

While O'Shea is a journeyman of sorts he is solid and consistent. Chisnell or "Chiz" as the morons call him is the new kid on the block and has a lot of hype around him. Chisnell has played some exceptional darts in parts but equally has played some shocking stuff and has bottled a number of doubles. O'Shea will punish these misses and although I expect a tight match I reckon O'Shea should be a shorter price and am backing him accordingly.


Will Walsh said...

that would be Tony O'Shea and not Man Utd defedner John O'Shea!1-0 up just now

Paul said...

John O'Shea lol...

Get on Wolfie at evens tomorrow and lay off when he's 3-1 up...Wolfie has a wobble towards the end but always starts well, Chisnall doesn't but finishes like Usain Bolt running away from a tranny admirer...simples

Mountain Man said...

Cheers Will, quite enjoying the nostalgia myself, it's difficult working out what to leave out, especially as I'm working through the years - the closer to the present we get, the more information there is available, and of course I can recall more events from a personal point of view.

Good to see the blog beginning to fluourish again with increased contributions, page hits and comments from readers.

Should have 2004 up tomorrow (Monday).

Mountain Man said...

Will be Tuesday ... got a bit involved with Euro 2004, keep getting distracted by reading loads into things ;-)