Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Rush Poker

Has anyone tried this yet?

Full Tilt's latest innovation is a "high speed" poker format called "Rush Poker", which is an action junkie's wet dream. You stick around in a hand until your own action is complete, then you "rush" over to a different table for a brand spanking new hand.

When playing Rush Poker, you don't even have to act in turn. Let's say you're on the button and it's UTG to speak, you can hit "Quick Fold" and that's you. Rushed off to a brand new table, brand new players, brand new hand. No waiting around for the hand to finish, just action, action, action.

I'd be keen to hear opinions on it. Doesn't the lack of studying opponents take away a winning player's advantage? Doesn't it make it boring? You could just play roulette if you wanted a gamble, surely?

At least the poker big boys are thinking outside the box though. A bit of creativity won't do the industry any harm and it'll be very interesting to see what Stars come up with by way of a response.

Keep on trooping boys. When Tim's finished with his series of reviews, I'm getting stuck into the festival to see if I can get some ante-post winners. Probably going to have a challenge with the Deputy Manager at work too as she's meant to know her stuff, see who can pick the most winners. That'll be closer to the time, but I'll do it for the Troop.



Mountain Man said...

Hadn't heard of it to be honest. Sounds a bit gimmicky to me, I think if I wanted to make money playing cash, I'd want to sit alongside opponents for a good few hands as you say, work out how they are playing. If I want loads of (significant !) action, I'd just multitable I reckon. Bit wrong of me to dismiss it without playing, but not keen on the sound of it.

I fancy playing a few hands on 'Stars (probably a couple of STT's or something) before DUSoP, just to see whether I still enjoy playing poker !

Will plough on with the rest of the noughties posts. Been a busy week, but I'm envisaging a few more nights in now to save some pennies for DUSoP, so hopefully I can keep on getting material on here. :-)

Coline Typeo said...

If you sign up via rushpoker.ca you get a bonus $20 on top of your deposit bonus to play rush poker. This deal is only on for a few days so go fast!

TheHat said...

Is this the same manager wifey who gave us that horrific tip before?

moDtheGod said...

Think so. That was hilariously bad, wasn't it? :D