Sunday, 9 November 2008

I Promised Never To Do This...

But tonight I'm going to ! One of the local pubs on my side of town hosts a weekly £5 NLH MTT freezeout. And after deliberating for a few months, I have finally decided that a fiver isn't really a lot to throw away if it is as appalling as I imagine it will be. The fun kicks off at seven, and even if I go out first hand I can still have a laugh as it serves some of the best pints in the city, and according to the landlord, side games generally start up if there are enough players kicking about. Nothing ventured ... nothing gained. Besides, I need some practise before my one-off return to DUPS on November 25th. A few beers that night, methinks... Scott ? Kenny ? Even Will if you could make it ?

I will report back on my findings in due course. I am omitting to name the venue as I aren't entirely clued up on the ins and outs of what is still a grey area to me in terms of the legality of hosting poker outwith a licensed casino or cards room.

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Will Walsh said...

Haha sounds like good banter.I should get myself back playing live poker-I do miss those days.