Wednesday, 5 November 2008

IPO and other stuffs

Dublin was braw. Was brutally expensive and I cried every time I handed over min five euros for a pint - about four fuckin quid. I'm used to £1.80 in the Student's Union!

Anyways, small trip report:
Left Dundee on the Thursday and made our way to the Airport thanks the Megabus where I became the champ at 'Chase the Ace' - a card game I'm sure Dom invented. We get to the airport and meet up with Neil Hairy who as always is good banter and the prop bets started with JJ Mac swallowing a one pence coin when he couldn't get 5 high or low right in a row. Kenny was also unsuccessful and I unloaded some vinegar and salt things into his mouth.
I go the worst of this though when Neil bet me he could name the capital of any country I named - went for Uzbekistan and he slowrolled me before naming 'Tashkent' correctly.

Flight takes 3 seconds and we're in Dublin, we get lost for a while and then find the tawdry Hostel - it was worse than I remember but still decent enough for the price and time we'd actually be there. We met with Cammy and Killer Chris before hitting a few pubs. Me, Ken, EPT Andy and Dom got separated from the rest and stumbled across a nice looking place called 'Mother Kelly's' (or something similar. We go in, I order some beers and then notice the guy next to me is wearing some leather trousers and the guy next to him a leather waistcoat! Then notice that there aint no girls in the whole place and to make it worse some guy gets up to the karaoke thing and starts blasting out some George Michael or similar gay tune. We parked our arses on the chairs, drank very fast then exited sharply. Thank god cos the old fat guy at the bar was giving Kenny the eye!

The rest of Thursday involved more beers followed by double quarter pounder from MacDs - they became my staple diet of the trip. Friday was the IPO Day 1A and all 9 or 10 of us were playing. No real stories as most busted super early and I hit a few gutshots to tilt a few Dutch monkeys. Standard was terrible and I built up to about 45K easily but bust when the only other stack bigger than mine found KK in the BB when I tried to isolate with JJ from the button against a serial 10bb pusher at 800/1500 level. EPT Andy bust shortly after me and we couldn't meet up with the other guys cos they'd went to some other part of hotel which was now a no go so bed time for me.

Briefly met blondes Horneris, ChipRich and LeKnave and they were good banter - would have been good to have had a few beers, another time. Horneris and LeKnave got pretty deep before busting 50-60th. UL guys. On a side note I went to Google Images and typed in 'Dublin IPO' to try and get a pic for this blog entry and all I get is pics of Rich and Brent!!!

Saturday was Kenny's birthday - Kenny wore the thong which can be seen a few posts down. We got drunk, put football bets on, drunk, lost football bets, drunk, watched UFC, drunk more, got poor, went to bank, went to McDonalds, went home.

Felt terrible Sunday so zombied about a bit and lost some football bets. Left on the Monday.

Report over. Go check out this newish band on youtube called Late of the Pier - they gonna rule. Possibly my fav tune at the mo:


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Mountain Man said...

Awesome banter, I'm definately up for 2009.

I've had an experience similar to "Mother Kellys". It was a place called "Backers" in Scarborough. One minute we were having beers chatting to an amiable local at the bar. He stood up to go to the toilet, and as he turned round, it emerged that his jeans had the backside removed; and it appeared he had little more than Kenny's thong underneath. Hellish stuff !