Thursday, 20 November 2008

Quick Update From Me

I've had a pretty hectic week of it; which is something which I aren't really that used to these days ! Tomorrow morning I'm heading up to Glasgow for the weekend to enjoy my old mate Mo Golden's wedding. Then onto Dundee on Monday to enjoy some drunken banter, and then on Tuesday meeting up (hopefully) with fellow Scoop Troop members Scott and Ken for my first visit to DUPS since DUSoP earlier this year. I don't know what the event is yet, but I'm hoping the night will be remembered more for banter and socialising than the actual poker !

In other news, Christo aka Killer Chris aka McElgravy asked casually whether I fancied running in the Daily 30k on 'Stars tonight; but I'm starting to think it probably isn't a good idea given I've got a 6.00am start in the morning. Two years ago that would have been water off a ducks back, with late night poker / drinking / reading of "Asian Babes" was a staple diet of the Scoop Troop, and while other members would retire to bed, I would be opening up the Post Office in the seedy Charleston district of Dundee. How things have changed, lol.

Oh, and I had a token tenner on Germany -1 last night; along with an Argentina and Germany double. The less said the better on that; and also emphasising once more that betting on friendly internationals is rarely fruitful (for me at least).

I'll leave you with a random photo. Enjoy.

Wasn't 80's "fashion" tawdry ?

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Mountain Man


moDtheGod said...

You sick fuck. I can't believe you used to dress as Santa to lure small children into your lap. That poor boy is clearly gritting his teeth due to the insertion of your erect penis into his anus.

Which fucking elf did you have to buy off to take that photo?!

Mountain Man said...

Haha ! :D I know I've changed a bit since then, lol ;-)

ps I'll be offline most likely while I'm away; so I'll catch you all soon. I still don't have a laptop, let alone mobile broadband.