Monday, 14 July 2008

Dom's update

Okay, here's an update from me. Didn't have a great month in July. My strike rate was okay, but it seemed to be the little bets winning and not the big bets, which of course ought to be the other way round. Stats:

No. of bets – 58
Total profit – -9.01 points
Level stakes profit – -31.67 points
Strike rate – 22.41%

So I ended the month 12.48 points up overall.

So far for July, I've only placed 9 bets total, 5 of which have won for a total profit of 12.3 points. One of those was Kelamon (2pts) on Monday the 7th, which leaves me on 24.78 points in the "real" bets and 4.16 points in the A-Z, my highest total so far. I haven't placed any "L" bets yet.

Here's some graphical goodness. Not sure how to make them bigger, but they do the job. Running "real" total, followed by monthly "real" totals and A-Z overall total:

My blogging activity has decreased simply because my betting activity has too. All I've been doing really since June 28th is whoring bonuses. I've made around £360 doing that, which is cool, especially as I've still got loads more lined up. Plus I've been working every hour available at Texperts, trying to get some pennies for when HSBC remove my graduate overdraft facility.

I'm going racing at York with the missus on the 26th of this month, so I'll try and get some pictures and a little report up about that and I've got Thursday and Friday off this week, so I'm going to enjoy either Doncaster (Thursday evening), Nottingham or Southwell (both Friday afternoon) and again, will report on that.

In my personal life, my mate who I was meant to be moving in with has decided that he's not up for that any more, as his circumstances have changed. I'd normally be very angry at that, what with me having moved down here specifically to get a place with him (I could have stuck it out in Dundee with the missus for another year had I realised I wouldn't have anyone to move in with) but it seems I might have caught a lucky break. The infamous Millwall Mark Dillon has randomly decided he fancies living in Sheffield for a bit and by coincidence, he's planning it roughly the same sort of time I was, so I might now end up getting a place with him. Which would own.

Who's all coming to the IPO then, in October? I am! Probably won't play, as poker's not my thing, but will definitely be going for the piss-up, as it's Kenny's 21st. I'm running a trip to Fairyhouse on the 19th for anyone who doesn't qualify for the last day, which is goin to own. Never been Irish racing before. That reminds me actually, for those who haven't heard (I'm thinking Will, mostly) I'll be in Dundee for a piss-up on Friday August 8th. Dunno where we'll go or whatever but we'll get very drunk and such legends as Adnan Miah and International Superstar JJ Macs will be attending. Only one rule though - no casino. You can all play poker and talk boring geeky shit any other night, I'm only free for a single night so we're doing things my way. By all means gamble on my horse racing card game, but no fucking casino.

Take it easy.

PS stop fucking editing my posts, you cunts.

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