Monday, 7 July 2008

99th post - next one wins a prize?

I had the pleasure of enjoying young Dominic Field's company in the City of Discovery last night. As is life, it was short and sweet.
We spoke of this blog, and how nobody is around anymore. I don't know whether it was this conversation that prompted me to post, but I certainly think its a factor.

So heres whats going on in my head:

I have two jobs at the moment. They both last only 10 hours a week each. Thats 80hours a month at almost £500 earnings. A few years ago that might've been a lot of money. Its just not any more, especially with the lifestyle of drinking and gambling that I want to lead. I know I dont have a high rent or even council tax to pay, but my expenses are quite enough to leech away a fair chunk of any earnings.

So that got me thinking. I remember when poker used to be a lovely source of income. And I want those days back.

Starting from today, I'm going to play again. Maybe nothing has changed and I'll piss it away, but I'm optimistic. Its the good old £20 challenge again, but this time with a more patient approach without any added pressure of it being the only source of income. It aint even my 2nd source now!

So Dom and all you haters, (nobody even reads this blog, fs) I'm posting BEFORE I win, not after :D

Keep it real home-persons


Mountain Man said...

Good luck Ken, will look forward to updates.

I always read the blog at least once daily, but admit to not having contributed anything for ages. Although I could use the hospital excuse, I was released a week ago. I just don't have any motivation or desire to play poker right now. I have near enough $100 waiting to be played with, which I shall do, but not until I am in the right frame of mind.

Adnan update : He texted me asking for a reference at the weekend. He's been broadband dead for nigh on two months.

The Kenster said...

Yeh its pointless playing if you cant really be arsed.
Its nice to know you're out of hospital and I wish you all the best.

p.s. I thought Adnan had physically stepped into the world of warcraft for a minute.