Monday, 21 July 2008

Sports betting requires skill

Sports betting requires skill, there's no two ways about it. Mugs are not rewarded, they are punished and only those with intricate knowledge of the markets that they play will win out.

Let's take golf as an example. I have no idea about golf whatsoever, so when I entered the latest Beat Victor game at Victor Chandler, my selections of Padraig Harrington, Jim Furyk and Ian Poulter to win the Open were basically random- I picked Harrington cos I've heard of him and he won it last year, I picked Furyk literally at random and I picked Poulter cos he wears funky clothes, like our very own Scott Campbell.

Anyway, I checked the results last night to see if I'd scooped a free £5 bet by beating Victor's selections (Harrington, Rose and Allenby) and I saw Harrington had won and Poulter had come second. I explained to the missus that I'd probably won a free £5 because of that, which was cool. Anyway, it was only when I double checked my selections that I saw the overall winner won a £500 free bet (I genuinely had no idea about that when I entered, I was playing for a free £5 bet) so I thought I had best check how Furyk got on - with first and second locked up, I could be in with a chance! Furyk had tied for fifth and unless someone had picked Poulter, Harrington and Greg Norman, it looked likely I'd scoop the maximum!

Logged in to MSN this afternoon to be greeted by Scott telling me I'd won. Of course, I figured this was his idea of a sick joke as I'd spoken to him about it last night, so I went and checked and was greeted with:

Scoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooop! lol donakaments.

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