Friday, 18 July 2008

Nottingham owns

Just back from Nottingham – it’s a really nice little course, I enjoyed it today. Was pretty quiet, but considering the standard of racing and the fact that Southwell had a meeting too, it was quite well attended, similar numbers to the Perth evening card, maybe a few more. Taking a leaf out of the Scoop Troop book of how to dress for the races, I donned a tweed jacket, black tie and trilby hat (see right) and set off with my notebook and copy of the Racing Post.

Bad beat number 1: train problem, took almost around 90 minutes to complete what ought to be a 35-40 minute journey. Never been to Nottingham before and the time I’d left myself to find my way around had been gobbled up. Eventually found the right bus and got there with ten minutes until the off. Was only £7 return too, pleased with that. Admittedly, my newly acquired railcard did shave a few bob off, but still half the price of the York fare!

Went straight for the betting ring, surprised by how few bookies there were, more surprised that Moonage Daydream is being offered at 7/2. Picked out a blonde hottie in pink as my first victim as she was offering the biggest odds (4/1) and retreated to the grandstand. Was gutted that the 5/1 or 6/1 I’d expected wasn’t there, but at least I’d got the right odds to break even should it only place and furthermore it shortened up to 11/4 and went off favourite. It finished a good 2 or so lengths back behind the Hayley Turner ride (sigh) in a photo. I think it was awarded third. Staked 0.5pts e/w, Returned 1pt. Not a terrible start.

Found the bar, pint of John Smiths £3 not ideal, but basically exactly the same as you’d pay at any other course. Out to the parade ring to look at them because the next race was the maiden. I couldn’t remember what numbers Zuzu and Master Rooney were and rather than look it up, I decided to just pick one that I liked the look of – I don’t know what to look for really, I’m not an expert, but it was an interesting exercise all the same. Anyway, I decided I liked #13 and #2 and when I discovered that Zuzu was #13, that made my decision for me and I went in for a point at 15/8 (Master Rooney being 13/8, the rest massive). It scooped by a length and a half (see bottom, first video) and the other one I had liked the look of came second last :D Staked 1pt, returned 2.88pts.

In the third race, I knew I would be backing Colorado Springs, it was just getting the price right. I was once more disappointed to see my pick shorter than I had expected, this time at 9/4 and despite waiting and waiting and waiting, it never moved. I got my 2 points on and some bookies started going 85/40, the only time it moved even slightly. It ran it’s race, but the two that finished ahead of it were canny and although I wasn’t surprised to see One Called Alice beat it, I was a bit surprised by the winner, which sadly went unclaimed. Seems like a nice prospect. The last half furlong can be enjoyed at the bottom, the last video. Staked 2pts, returned 0pts.

Straight to the betting ring for this one as I knew the price wouldn’t get any bigger. They all opened at 8/11 on Montbretia and though I wanted evens, I knew I’d not get it so I ploughed my 3 points in and went for beer and chips. Went right up to the rail to watch this one and although the favourite took her time to get going and Spencer looked like he would win on Time Control, she finally kicked on and scooped by 3 parts of a length. Staked 3pts, returned 5.18pts.

The trend of my reasonably priced e/w shots being priced up really short continued in the next, as Ink Spot and Hannicean both opened up at 9/4, nowhere near the 5/1 I thought I was going to get, so I took a few minutes to decide what to do. The price wasn’t moving so instead of 1pt e/w, I decided to go 2pts on Hannicean. Ink Spot did it’s work late on but I feel Spencer left it too late and was almost a length back, my selection was third. Staked 2pts, returned 0pts.

I’d realised a trend here, my results had gone 3, 1, 3, 1, 3 and I’d got Sarah Park as my e/w pick. I contemplated going 1pt e/w and hoping the trend would continue, but so far I had basically done everything as I had intended and it was working. At York I changed my mind late on a few times and was punished for it, so I stuck with my original shout and just went 0.5pts e/w. At least I got the price I wanted this time, 5/1. I was right up against the rail for this one too, the favourite was a good couple of lengths behind my pick and the 12/1 Barataria finished a respectable third, by a neck. I knew I should have put more on ;) Staked 0.5pts e/w, returned 4pts.

Three winners, three thirds and a profit of 3.06pts. I’ll take that!

Bad beat number 2: check my emails on the bus and Texperts have sacked me. Sacked by email, what a disgrace! Oh well, suppose I’ll just have to keep backing winners…

Got in and went straight online to back Knot In Wood in the 20.00 at Hamilton after all I’d read about it in the RP. Also discovered Matt Doyle had tipped it. Managed to get 5.2 on Betmate, just a single point as Spotlight had actually napped the co-favourite and it was a massive field. It won, anyway, for a return of 5.2pts.

Overall then, I’m on 45.55 points after a total haul of 7.27 points today. Scoop!

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