Monday, 27 April 2009

Diamonds Are Forever / On The River

Just thought I'd share this little story with you. It's not about great punting skill, nor is it mega bucks we're dealing with, but I think it's quaint.

I got to work today and noticed this horse called "Diamond Laura" was cropping up in quite a few lucky 15 slips. I mentioned it to my colleague who said "there's another 'Diamond' running too, 'Diamond Blade' or something".

I'm sure you're all aware that Laura is my girlfriend's name and that I'm a big Sheffield United fan. A lot of our regulars, particularly the oldies, like to double horses up when they've got the same first name or some such coincidence and so I nipped down to Laddies for a laugh. £1 e/w double please. Don't know or care about the prices, just a stupid novelty bet.

I text Laura about it and she joked that if I won a lot on it, I'd have to treat her to some diamonds. Naturally.

Diamond Laura unluckily went down in a photo, second place at 7/2. Nothing spectacular, but at the least the bet was still alive. I shuddered when I seen 100/1 on offer at Southwell though, about a certain "Diamond Blade". They backed it down to 80/1 (lol) and I was pleased to see it running prominently, as front runners have a great record at Southwell on the all weather. It ran well actually, finishing second.

I knew that meant that I'd won a bit back, so I went and worked it out on the settling machine that we've got and was delighted to see that I'd be getting back almost £30! Not bad for a comedy novelty bet!

I will now be treating Laura to a takeaway from my old place of work in Dundee. It used to be called "Diamond Curry Bazaar", I think it's called "Diamond 4 U" now. Fantastic.

P.S. - there's a little 2000 Guineas preview on the Horse Play blog. Check it out ;)


Will Walsh said...

Nice little story-just the sort of thing the blog is needs. Shame the two Diamonds didn't do the business for you!

moDtheGod said...

Just under £400 if they'd won. That WOULD have been a story.

How sick would it have been if that 80/1 shot had gone in though, after the first one being nailed on the line? :D

Mountain Man said...

Loving that story :-D

Especially when the hilarious mention of "Diamond Curry Bizarre" appeared.

FIRE ... WIRE ... FRYER !!

moDtheGod said...

I'd almost forgotten about my firefighting heroics. Saved thousands of pounds of damage, me.

Does anyone know anyone down south who wants to go to the first round of the Greyhound Derby at Wimbledon on Friday or Saturday? I have a voucher to get in free, get a free pint and racecard and an entry into a draw to win other goodies, including a TV/DVD and £50 worth of bets.

Anne said...

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