Saturday, 11 April 2009

Oi Oi Cabra Cool

Got to pipe up when I win. Cabra Cool has just won the Scottish Greyhound Derby. Advised @ 14/1 ante-post. Winnnnnnaaaaaaaar.

Have backed Blonde Fern for the Blue Riband at Hall Green @ 14/1 and it easily got through it's heat on Thursday.


moDtheGod said...

Well done.

Been so very busy at work of late, plus my folks internet connection is currently slower than 28k dialup (and has been for about a week). AOL are WANK.

Hopefully these situations will be resolved soon enough and I can get more writing done.

I was going to preview the Forest game today, but I haven't had chance (though I did post up a few quick bets on the horse blog today) and I'm planning on previewing the Scottish National, as well as doing something on the Championship run-in in the next few days.

Connection permitting.

TheHat said...

Blonde Fern through to Final of the Blue Riband. Two times please.

moDtheGod said...

I trust we'll get a Derby preview sometime soon?

TheHat said...

Of course.

I assume you get to see the RP every day at work so can you give me a text the day the Derby guide is in. TY.

moDtheGod said...

Yeah, if I see it, I'll text you. I'll leave a note in the diary for folk to look to save it if I'm off.

TheHat said...

Blonde Fern runs in the Blue Riband Final tonight at Hall Green. Quite an open race and has a good chance coming from T6.