Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Pictures From Perth

Had a fantastic day at Perth on Friday. Kenny and Will were great company and I got the one winner I desired. As Will mentioned a few posts down that winner was on Laertes - great feeling as it romped home. My girlfriend Sky +'d the race and was comedy seeing us celebrating amongst a bunch of randoms.

My last post was another short brag - I've had an amazing run of late tipping up Greyhound competition winners with Corrig Vieri winning the BSQ Arc; Cabra Cool the Scottish Derby; and Blonde Fern scooping the Blue Riband. Hopefully this form continues with the big one, the Greyhound Derby, starting this Friday. Make sure to have a nosey at this blog on Thursday evening at some point when I'll be posting up some selections.

I'll also be posting up information in the near future about our plans to buy a greyhound to race, I'm currently gathering as much information as possible. The Scoop Troop Syndicate could be a goer!!!

I'll leave you with some random photos from Friday, including one we had taken with Laertes' owner Chris Grant....

GL all.



The Kenster said...

Amazing scenes. Love the one with me and will staring at each other.. or past each other?

moDtheGod said...

Great pictures, am jealous to fuck.

I'm coming up to Dundee on June 6th as I've got a week's holiday to take Will obviously spend most of the time with the missus, but I'll need to catch up and enjoy drinks. There's a meetign at Hamilton on June 10th (Wednesday) - would anyone fancy going through, assuming you're not abroad or owt daft?

Mountain Man said...

Great photos and write up, Scott.

Will Walsh said...

Loving the pics. Reminded me again what a brilliant day it was. Surprised theres being no mention of our aborted jump off the top of the cubes at the university!

Scotts to random punter: "Do you think if I jump off the top of that I'll break my leg?"

Random punter "Yes"

TheHat said...

Fairly sure excessive amounts of alcohol were consumed that day.

Still interested in the dog syndicate Will?