Monday, 6 April 2009

Tuesday's Greyhound Action

Big day with the final of the Greyhound Grand National on Sky aswell as the semis of the Scottish Derby at Shawfield. Actually going to ask the girlfriend if she'll take me through to Glasgow but I'm certain I'll get laughed out. Maybe she will on Saturday for the final. I'll grab a RP and hopefully I can find some decent winners on the night's cards.

Farloe Reason has been drawn absolutely terribly in it's semi-final and I'm very disappointed. Drawn in T4 when it prefers T2 - it has Crown Rover in 3 who moves right out the traps and Must Be Keano in T5 who shows good early aswell and will move left. Terrible draw and will be hard to get a run from there. Hopefully Farloe can sneak through and then get a favourable draw in the final.

More to follow.....

EDIT: I get to work this morning to discover I'm working 8.30-8.30 and not the 8.30-5 that I was expecting. Such a ridiculous beat. So I've had no chance to have a good look at anything for tonight which makes me mad.

Farloe Reason is out the Scottish Derby. Didn't get to see it but it'll have most likely been for the reasons I outlined above. I'll be looking to back this dog for the Derby next month if I can get a juicy price. Terrible draw tonight can be excused. In better news, Cabra Cool made it through to the final by finishing 2nd in it's semi. Ninja Jamie hasn't impressed the whole competition and was knocked out tonight.

Bring on the 9.45 - one time please Mall Byte!!!!!

BOKE - Mall Byte 5th, each way paid 4 places. Brutal scenes.

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