Sunday, 21 June 2009

Frankie Jester

Just watching the TUF Finale at the moment and Wilks has just submitted Johnson in the 1st round - I managed to get 11/4 about this guy, crazy. This coupled with Pearson's earlier points victory over Winner @ 9/5 (!!!!) had me dancing.

However I could have had the absolute lot. The Lester v. Osipczak fight wasn't televised and I'd made a point of not checking the result but as soon as Wilks won I was straight onto to check the result only to discover that Osipczak won by submission - seems Lester couldn't keep it standing. Very disappointed. Still, a profit on the night and so close to scooping.


1 comment:

Paul said...

Top tipping mate, very unlucky not to scoop the pot there :)