Thursday, 4 June 2009

Steel City Cup - Dogs

This is a long shot, but it's worth asking. Mon Mome won the Grand National at 100/1 after all.

The William Hill sponsored Steel City Cup is run at Sheffield's Owlerton stadium and I've got five tickets from work, for entry to the heats (24th July), the semis (28th July) and the final (4th August). The passes include a free racecard and a pint.

Anyone fancy a night out in Sheffield? There's a cheap Travelodge in the centre, can easy get a room there. If people are feeling flush enough, could maybe have a couple of nights and do something else (casino, Dusk Till Dawn, I dunno). I can easy enough get a few people out down here, but I'd much rather go with a bunch of dedicated gamblers who live and breathe the thrill of punting. It could be a good Scoop Troop night out.

Just an idea. Feedback welcome.

Is Scott still in Britain or has he fucked off? I bet he won't see this until he gets back, will he?



Will Walsh said...

I could be up for that if others are too. The heats would be best for me as they are on a Friday night. Just done a quick price up and looking at £30 for bus and probably between £50-£80 quid each for 2 nights (fri and sat) in a hotel.

moDtheGod said...

If you got one of them family room things for three folk, you'd be looking at more like £20 a night. So no excuses for Kenny to opt out!

Mountain Man said...

I'd be keen to enjoy this fayre, I would struggle to make the final, but the heats or semi dates look favourable to me :-)

moDtheGod said...

Update: Kenny and Will are definitely in for the heats, so this is definitely happening.

Tim, can I count you in as a certainty too?

If so, I'll start pricing stuff up when I get back to England (currently in Dundee). Everyone needs to pester Scott when he gets back, we've never had a fully attended Scoop Troop night out (I don't think).

Is two nights going to be okay for everyone or would we prefer the one (Friday 24th)?

Mountain Man said...

Yes, I'm in for this. I can do one or two nights (prefer two, and surely it's plus ev for those making a long journey from Jockland to stay for two ?)