Sunday, 21 June 2009

Intro: Gav Brown

Hey all, right Scott gave me a shout about an hour ago if I fancied contributing to the blog and I happily agreed. Just finished playing for the night and shattered so will try and make this short one. Most of you all know me from poker at the union.

So just started playing poker full time last month and thought about writing a blog myself but just never really got round to it. So yeah as Scott mentioned staked/sponsored by pokerisk going well playing on Mansion. Ipoker is a bit of a nightmare but plenty of fish kicking about on there. Now be able to write about the ups and dows of playing so much poker.

As Scott said I’m always full of stories to tell usual bad beat/ cooler ones to be honest but there’s always the good ones too. Will try and post as often as I can with how im doing and any nice wins here and there. Hopefully going to start playing a lot more nicer live events too. Played the £200 event 1 of the GKUPT in Aberdeen on Thursday, was cruising till my KK ran into AA. I did hit my miracle K on the turn but my joy was short lived when the Ace of hearts about gave me a heart attack on the river to cripple me about half hour before end of play. Loved the experience tho and going to start playing a lot more events like this.

Getting late so going to get an early night for once as I never played any tourneys tonight just hammered the heads up sit n goes.


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Mountain Man said...

Welcome to the Troop, Gav ! Good to have you on board, I know you'll be a welcome addition. Have you seen Dom's posting about the Dogs next month ? It would be good if you can make it too.