Saturday, 20 June 2009

The Ultimate Fighter Finale & Big Bro

Got back from my two-week holiday in sunny Spain on Thursday. Was great just chilling drinking beer. Mahou is probably my favourite beer in the world - you need to try it if you stumble across it somewhere.

Having no internet or opportunity to bet for two weeks was absolute brutal and playing poker at night with a few people who had no idea what they were doing wasn't the greatest either. I'm mad for some live poker so I'll have to make do with the shitty £20f at the casino tomorrow. Will probably win.

First post back and I think I've found us some cracking value in the TUF Finale tomorrow night/Sunday morning. Frankie Lester put up a decent showing on the program despite losing twice to finalist James Wilks and he fights the Brit Nick Osipczak in the finale. I would like to see the British guy win but can't see it as I think it'll be a stand up fight and imo it looked like Nick might have a slightly suspect chin from what I've seen and Lester's heavy hands could lay him out. The bookies have this all wrong with Paddy Power going 13/8!!! Get on.

There is some other ridic value on the card with Ross Pearson 6/4 with SkyBet and James Wilks a huuuuuuuuuge 47/17 (wtf price) with - never heard of them and aint opening a new account so I'll just take 11/4 with Sky. Bookies are constantly getting these MMA fights wrong so lets make the most of the ridic value they are offering on even money shots.

As for Big Brother there is probably only a few who can win it from what I've seen - I've had a bit of success in the past with BB when I got on Brian Belo at a fairly big price last year. I've backed Charlie @ 12s, Angel @ 12s and Sree @ 33s.

GL all,


Almost forgot this comedy picture of Frankie Lester after losing 4 teeth in the first Wilks fight. This was after his teammates offered his money for every tooth of Wilks' he knocked out....


Paul said...

Cheers Scott,

Bet365 are pretty much best price on all 3 of those so i've done a little patent!

Mountain Man said...

Re: Big Brother. Good price there on Charlie, I'd back him or possibly Rodrigo or Noirin to take it down this year. Massive price on Sree, I'd doubt he'll be there this time next week though, never mind mid-August, given he's been pretty much upsetting everyone inside. And judging by the boo's / chanting of "Get Sree Out !" last night, as soon as he is up, he's a goner. Good luck though mate. :-)

ps it is two years since Brian won, it was the boring Welsh girl last year who took it down. Rachel I think was her name. ;-)

TheHat said...

Hey Tim, yeah you are right there - it was two years ago that Brian won. Last year was a joke with Rachael winning, she was ridic boring. But it does show that anyone can win if they get deep in the competition.

Placed my UFC bets with StanJames in the end. They were paying 30/1 for the treble, whereas using the prices I stated in the post it was only 25/1! gogogogo