Monday, 30 June 2008

I'm Not Dead (I'm In Pittsburgh)

Just a quick off topic update.

Still little betting activity from me, I've been working my nuts off (put in a 12-12 yesterday and am doing 2-11 as we speak). Haven't even looked at the A-Z game of late. I've been whoring like a good un, I've turned over £150 in the week and am still waiting on £60 of free bets from Victor Chandler. That was only £50, but they invited people in the last newsletter to guess how many corners there would be in last night's final. Every correct guess would get a £10 free bet and I scooped!

Just had a quick chat with Basil Francis and his op has gone okay. So fingers crossed, he'll soon be losing the "Man Mountain" attributes that we've come to know and loathe. I mean love.

Where the fuck is Adnan? If his computer is really busted, that means no WoW - I bet he slit his wrists.

Where's Kenny? Is he dead, in a South Park stylee?

Scott - what happened in the weight loss bet? The fact that we haven't heard from you means you lost, right? Are you too poor to pay for the internet now or something?

It's oh so quiet.... SHH.....SHH


TheHat said...

u obv don't read my posts

moDtheGod said...

Neither do you, obviously. From your last post, 12 days ago:

>>> Looks like the weight loss prop bet is gonig to be ridic close so me and Baz are currently discussing some modification to the bet so that someone doesn't lose by like 0.1% or something. I'll post up my pic of scales next time I get a chance. <<<

So what was the outcome of the discussions? The bet is off? I'm not psychic!

TheHat said...

you are gay and no one likes you