Wednesday, 22 October 2008


I'm amazed that I'm the first to comment on this blog since the return from the IPO. I was up early this morning for my train from Dundee to Sheffield and have been out and about all day, I haven't been back from the Southampton game all that long. We were fucking unlucky tonight mind, poor in the first half and created about 10 or 12 chances in the second half, no idea how we didn't win. Anyway, I'm absolutely shattered so I'll maybe post some more stories at a later date but for now, here's a few comments, pictures and a bit of video footage.

Perhaps someone else could explain the jokes (the thong and the coke jump to mind) while I go and catch some ZzZzZ. Oops, nearly forgot the vid!

Oh and Adnan? You're fired for posting like one thing ever and generally being lame.


Mountain Man said...

Looks like you guys had fantastic fun ... wish I'd been there :-( Anyways, soon be DUSoP (well, it feels that way at least). Some horrific photos but funny as f*ck too of course !

The Kenster said...

hey there - good that you posted some photos of us up there.

Was great fun - but theres no way I could survive there without serious sponduloux - and money too.