Friday, 3 October 2008

Meatball Marinara, Music, Poker, Football, Powerthirst

Holy shit!

I only recently discovered Subway and somewhat n00b-like was stuck getting tuna, onion and jalapenos for my first few visits. Then I discovered the 'Sub of the Day' - a different 6" sub each day for only £1.99 (or you can upgrade to footlong for £3.89 which I do ldo). A few Tuesdays I get the Meatball Marinara as it's SOTD. Best thing ever. No shit. My mouth tingles with excitement eating this thing, it's unreal. Obv get some jalapenos and onions too.
A friend suggests the Chicken Pizziola which uses the same marinara sauce with chicken and shit. Gonna try that soon for sure.

Kean, a crazy bastard I work with, has hooked me up with some albums I've requested and they are serious good. If you can get your hands on Hadouken, Pendulum and MGMT then do it! Alternatively I can hook u up over MSN if you're a contact, or whatever.

Poker news - was getting staked for online cash for a bit but got extremely bored after a while grinding 50NL so quit after making small profit. Played a few tourns on Full Tilt recently but got assbagged twice to send me on tilt - AQ on AJ10K board is no good v. KJ; and several other beats make me poke myself in the eye. Great structures though and I'll be back.

Got some Scottish Cup action tomorrow so staying off the beers tonight this is despite Pendulum playing in town and me having to refuse some sort of VIP access. When I say VIP I mean getting in for free with the odd cheap drink - I wouldn't have been hanging out with all the famous folk from Dundee. We're playing Tayside Fire Brigade who are a Premier League team whilst we are in the 2nd Division, will prob win 1-0.

Best youtube videos ever: and - someone should prob let me know how to upload them onto here or something.

I said to Ken earlier in the week that I'd post up some football bets tonight so I'll be back on later to do so.



Mountain Man said...

Wow ... I wish I could eat a footlong sub. I'd struggle with a six incher now as well. All worth the hassle though, as I've lost seven and a half stone in 14 weeks. The wonders of surgery !

A few of my mates used to play for the "Firies" (T.F.B.) You will be lucky if they field even one fireman in their squad, it was made up of token tradesmen and students as far as I remember.

TheHat said...

Dang, good work son - 7.5 stone is like one of my 15year old brother!!!


tbh, if i eat a footlong i can't move/breathe/speak for the rest of the day.

Pud's poker said...

Get the meatball marinara with extra cheese, toasted sub and red onions. It is uber nice!

As is the staeak and cheese with jalapenos!

I'm starving now, ta!