Sunday, 12 October 2008



Was in the casino playing the £20 tourn then a bit of cash later whilst watching the game and was disgusted by the miss! I'm blaming that on my poor performance at the poker where I had a decent stack but busted in a 35k pot just before break, QQ v KK. Blinds were would have been 300/600 after break so prob would have crushed it.

Someone said yesterday that Iwelumo was English, and only qualified through a gran or something but according to wiki he was born in Coatbridge and just saw an interview on SSN and he is packing a Scottish accent. Why the hell was he on instead of Boyd though? Gay.

Leave for Dublin on Thursday, will be good to get away for a bit - having a fairly torrid time here. I'll do some sort of pre-trip post thingy later this week.

In the meantime watch this ridic 6 year old enjoying some skills....

Hope he's got a Scottish gran.



moDtheGod said...

I understand it was "super" Gary Naysmith with the cross. He's fast becoming my favourite player, since a worse than shaky start with us last term.

Mountain Man said...

I hear Kris Boyd has pledged not to play for Scotland under George Burley again; but would return under another gaffer.