Thursday, 2 October 2008 continued

Sorry to dominate the blog still further, I will trim these reports down once I've finished knocking up a spreadsheet. I'll just log the bulk of the detail there.

I had to go out today so I knew I’d have to miss quite a lot of races, but I wanted to try and lay as many as I could, as that’s where the profit will be. As my roll is nowhere near big enough to cover the liability of laying them all in advance, I decided to be selective. I would stick with the top tips and the low grade stuff at Goodwood during the day and look at the evening card at Great Leighs. As it happened, most of the evening card was no go stuff anyway.

They’ve actually had an okay day today. Had I layed every one of their tips at SP, I’d have only made 3.79 points. They had winners at 4/1, 5/1 and 7/2, to minimise their losses. As such, I’ve actually incurred a tiny loss today. Two losing days in a row?! If only I had the bankroll to lay all of their tips – had I done that since I started, I’d be up 3 days in a row to the tune of 27.68 points. There is definitely money to be made here and I shall persevere.

Highlights: great start as the 6-5 favourite comes third (2f SP was 7-1); similarly awesome finish, favourite’s SP was 6/4 and nearest rival was 7/1; also, not having to oppose Will’s favourite horse as the price was too big (not least because it went on to win!)

Lowlights: seeing on my phone that Norfolk Broads had won (laid at 5.2, SP 7/2) and hoping that it hadn’t been matched while I was out. It had.

14:10 Goodwood – Noverre To Go @ 2.75 – 3rd (+1pt)
14:35 Newmarket – Excellerator @ 4.5 – 10th (+1pt)
14:45 Goodwood – Shy @ 6+ NO BET
14:55 Ayr – Scenic Pass @ 2.58 – 2nd (+1pt)
15:10 Newmarket – Savarain @ 2.16 – 1st (-1.16pts)
15:20 Goodwood – Norfolk Broads @ 5.2 – 1st (-4.2pts)
15:30 Ayr – Box Office @ 3.2 – 3rd (+1pt)
15:55 Goodwood – Shimoni @ 6+ NO BET
16:05 Ayr – Wednesday’s Boy @ 4.4 - 3rd (+1pt)
16:30 Goodwood – Timocracy @ 2.76 – 3rd (+1pt)
16:55 Newmarket – Angus Newz @ 4.3 – 3rd (+1pt)
17:05 Goodwood – Spate River @ 6+ NO BET
17:40 Goodwood – Shakespeare’s Son @ 6+ NO BET
18:50 Great Leighs – Willhewiz @ 6+ NO BET
19:20 Great Leighs – Always Ready @ 6+ NO BET
19:50 Great Leighs – Whaxaar @ 6+ NO BET
20:20 Great Leighs – Convival Spirit @ 6+ NO BET
20:50 Great Leighs – Hula King @ 4.2 – 1st (-3.2pts)
21:20 Great Leighs – Dark Prospect @ 2.8 (+1pt)

Winners: -8.56pts
Losers: +8pts
Profit: -0.56pts
Overall Profit: -3.11pts

I had my second dabble on the placepot today and was again unlucky. I was let down by Wingwalker in the fourth race at Newmarket. I only picked one horse in that race to keep costs down and had I picked two, I doubt I’d have been looking at the winner and I might not have gone with the second place horse either. Would have been a £375.60 scoop today. Oh well!

Scoop Troop Profits: 58.48 points ( experiment excluded)

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