Sunday, 8 March 2009

Cheltenham Tipster Competition

First of all, thanks for these previews Dom - very interesting.

We ran a tipster comp for last year's Cheltenham festival which proved to be very good banter so me and Dom thought we should have another this year.

Fairly basic format - Every day of the festival (Tuesday 10th - Firday 13th) you get a virtual £100 to spend on a minimum of 3 bets and you must spend the entire £100. All bets must be posted in a single post before the start of the first race of the day, no editing. Person with the most profit come the end of the day Friday scoops the loot. Think that's everything.

£10 entry. Money to be given to me asap.

Who's in? Would be good to get a good few.


Noobs may find this handy -

1 comment:

moDtheGod said...

You can knock my entry money off the DUSoP betting money you owe me.

I'm probably winning this.