Thursday, 5 March 2009

Edinburgh Circus Casino Trip

I was alerted to the £20+£20 tourn that the Edinburgh Circus hold on a Sunday by bazzabhoy on the blonde forums as they were adding £500 if they made 45 runners. Thought it would be worth the short trip so I enlisted the company of Gav Brown, The Magician and fellow Trooper Ken to travel through.

First stop was Tesco for petrol and smunch - luckily there was some promotions wifey handing out free choco trifle things on departure. She hooked me up with a good 10 and luckily they were half fat which meant I could scoop double the amount I would normally, or whatever. The Magician's car was making terrible noises as we left the petrol pumps and I was quietly scared that I may die. I didn't though.

We seemed to be making it in decent time when the Tandoori Hot pizza from Dominos I ate the previous night decides to play up and we have to stop at the next services. Ken needed to spew anyway cos he couldn't handle the drinkage. I feel better but had brutal ring sting, ouch.

Registration closes at 3.45 and we only get there about that time and after joining the casino it's nearer 4 before we hit the cardroom. We have to wait til the tourn starts to get a seat. I wasn't confident of the £500 being added considering they only had 10 the previous week but was pleasantly surprised to see the 4 of us tipped it over the line and the tourn eventually had 47 runners and in the end generated a decent £2300 price pool.

Gav blows about £80 playing Blackjack against a dealer on an incred heater.

The tourn starts and I sit back first ten mins and it's fairly obv the table is full of a mixture of terrible poker players and noobs. I'm dealt AA fairly early, was nice, and 3bet an early raise from 200 to 750 with blinds at 25/50 - the guy calls and then fires the 852r flop, calls my raise, check calls my turn bet, and then bet/folds river with 1010 to leave himself like 800 from 4k stack. WP sir. Fairly sure this guy went on to win the tourn as he had half the chips in play from two tables out. Very next hand I'm dealt KK and scoop another decent pot. No one at the table raises pre-flop so I continue to dominate and have something like 17k at the break after adding on which was decent. The rebuy/add-on was two 1 hour levels of 25/50 and 50/100. Decent, but I'd rather 40 mins as they cut drastically down to 25mins after break when they could easily be 30-40mins.

After the break I double up in a comedy hand - I raise T8o to 600 from late position at 100/200. Wifey in SB calls and BB gets out the way. Flop comes 97Qr and she check raises my 700 bet to something like 2200. I'm playing nigh on 20k and her 16k so I call. Turn is the jack and I fist pump real hard as I think she has KQ or QJ. She fires I raise and we get it all in. She declares 2 pair but is hiding her hand and since it's self deal the dealer fires the river out fairly quickly which is another jack. I think about what is the best method for killing her before noticing she has 97o. This is where it gets funny as she stares at my hand and then goes off on a rant about how I'd raised with shit, called with nothing on the flop and got lucky. Hmmm. I probably said something fairly funny back but it escapes me now plus I didn't want to mess with her as she looked like she might know someone who could beat me up. Anyway, WP dear for calling my raise with 97o from SB. Advanced.

I make final but am super short as the guy with half the chips was sitting directly to my right two tables out and was finding premiums every hand to deny me the chance to get my chips in. Structure was super fast and I'm grinding 10bbs like mad. Manage to double 56h v. AJ but bust in 7th for my money back-ish when I shove Q8s and SB wakes up with a boner and KK, must be nice.

Magicman decides it would be sensible to pay for the parking with my 5er even though parking is free so I make a loss there. I catch some shut eye on the car trip home.

Decent tournament in a nice casino. Would be better with slight tweaks to the structure and of course it was dealer dealt but we can't have everything we want. Read earlier on blonde that this Sunday will be the last time they add £500 despite advertising it for a 4 week run. Bastards.

Fuck me, this is probably far too big a post and no one will read it anyway so whatever. Few last points: I'm off work Tuesday to Friday for the Festival (wooooo) so everyone feel free to hit mine up on Friday for Gold Cup beers, and me and Dom will run a tipster comp like last year (details to come later).


P.S. Please go see Gran Torino at the cinema. Brilliant film. Can't recommend it enough.


william said...

Quality report, unlucky at final table. Leveled by sb girl!

The Kenster said...

You forgot to mention that after the rebuy period all four of us had quality stacks because it was just so easy (plus the top-up helped of course). I was the shortest of all four of us with about 68 big blinds.
I can't believe they will stop this tournament. It's a sign that all good sense is dead.