Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Quick Update From Me

Well I hope everyone enjoyed Cheltenham and had a profitable week ? I will openly admit to avoiding the bookies, fun competitions and sweepstakes due to my poor record in the past and lack of disposable funds !

I have been steadily playing some very low stakes STT's on 'Stars after a fairly lengthy lay off. Mainly PL Omaha8 and NLH single table tournaments, with some steady, if not spectacular top three placings to try to build a bit of a roll up again. It's certainly slow progress, but I have got from a roll of $8.46 up to just shy of $50.

My sports betting has also been on the back burner recently, but I have been observing the Six Nations recently with a keen eye, and am glad I haven't been dabbling on those games with some pretty unpredictable scorelines, certainly didn't see the frogs being squashed so convincingly by the English. Expect another English victory in the forthcoming Calcutta Cup clash. Also I cannot look beyond Wales for the title, I think they will have enough in the tank to see off the Irish, much as it pains me to say it.

I am also working on a preview for the forthcoming Formula One season, which begins in Australia on the 29th March. Although motorsport betting is not everyone's cup of tea, I will post it up for all to see with my predictions.

Finally I would like to wish all Scoop Troop members who are attending DUSoP a great week of fun, and bring a few bracelets back !

Until then I will leave you in peace ! Thanks for reading,
Mountain Man


moDtheGod said...

Not a fan of F1 at all, but would always be interested to read a preview. I don't like dogs at all, but when Scott posts sensibly reasoned analysis up, it makes good reading, even to me.

I tend to find myself rooting for whatever outcomes the Troop have written about.

If nothing else, it'll give me something to talk about in the shop when punters go on about it and I'm like "I dunno" - so yeah, I look forward to reading this.

What do you make of the new rule about the title going on wins, whilst the rest is settled as usual?

Mountain Man said...

Being perfectly honest, I think it's a bad thing. Someone could effectively win the title by winning say, 6 races, then failing to finish in the rest; while someone with 5 wins and 12 podiums might have 70 or more points more than him, but still finish second due to having fewer wins. Farce !

I'm assuming the FIA are thinking that by going down this road that it will encourage more frantic racing for wins, but theoretically this could backfire because if we end up with a team dominating the early part of the season, like in many recent years; the title could all be decided by mid August and the rest of the races be a formality.

It may however, put an end to team orders in the lower placings, which can only be a good thing. However, as the FIA cannot stop tinkering with rules and regulations in F1, I cannot help but feel this, like most of their other changes in recent years, will be a disappointment.