Monday, 30 March 2009

Horse Play

I'm going to keep all my horse racing stuff in a seperate blog from now on.

Don't panic, I'm still wanting to contribute here and any football and sports betting stuff that I write will still be posted here, but the problem with the Scoop Troop is that it's too tempting to fill my posts with in-jokes, bad language and suchlike in order to stop the non-racing types getting bored. I want to keep a record of more serious, professional articles as I'm thinking of doing a bit of freelance stuff at some point, assuming anyone will take it!

I'll obviously still wade in with my two penn'orth and will happily reproduce any bigger horsie stuff (big race previews and that) but as I say, I'm looking for a more professional angle and the only way to do that, is to practice.

No offence, chaps. Enjoy my Grand National preview on there. I'm not copying you, Will. Honest. Trends are the future.

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