Thursday, 5 March 2009

Some random stuff

Been awfully quiet round here lately. I know Scott’s been betting on dogs, but I see nothing on here. What’s everyone else been up to?

I had a break from gambling, enforced by chronic skintness, but have eased myself back into it with that little bit of value betting on the RP chase. I had my first bets since then today, but more on that later.

Cheltenham in five days! It’s going to be immense. Some sort of tipping game needs to be organised, perhaps Tim could sort something out as his inactivity is bordering on Adnan-esque levels. Really looking forward to going down there for the second day, the more I think about it, the more I can see Master Minded being on the receiving end of a shock. I’m going to try and preview some races in the next few days, but time will dictate how much I do; at the very least there will be a full report on my day. For anyone who doesn’t know already, nearly all the bookies are doing non-runner no bet on ante-post Cheltenham markets now, really no excuse not to look at gobbling up some of the big prices on offer.

I noted with sadness last week, that Matt Doyle has got himself a PR job with someone or other, I forget who, and as such is no longer tipping for ATR. His last week was shit and he’s been off the boil for a while, but Hugh Taylor is his replacement and when he’s filled in for him in the past, he’s always won me money. I may have found a new hero! I’m keeping a track of his results and he’s started well. His first pick was unluckily beaten (a more positive ride needed next time out for Sounds of Jupiter) and he scored a 6/1 winner yesterday.

I followed his bets today and the two that ran both won well, one at 11/8 (got on bigger ofc) and the other at 5/1 (I actually only took 4.7, it came in a bit but went right out before the off); using SPs, he’s up 8.375 points from 5 picks. I had a third bet of my own choosing, 5/1 about Killfinnan Castle (SP 4/1) who hacked up by 11 lengths. Welcome bankroll building in time for Chelters.

Get well soon Hayley Turner, who had a nasty fall at Newmarket the other day while out riding work. Although I’ve long forgiven her for costing me billions, she’s still not a patch on Kirsty Milczarek, who I note with interest is back from her spell in the US (complete with a personal trainer, apparently) and although she’s not had a ride yet, I’ll be looking out for her as ever this coming flat season.

Speaking of which, how bad a beat is this? Work have got a load of half price tickets for the Lincoln, apparently to develop our “expertise”. £14 to get in the posh stand at Donny, how sweet is that? Bad beat for me, I’m travelling back from Dundee that day, aren’t I? There’s no way I can make it, what a shitter.

One last thing. You're probably all aware that the BBC is cutting the racing coverage massively, a disaster for the sport. William Hill CEO Ralph Topping led the complaints by writing an open letter to the Beeb and most major bookies are getting behind the cause. I've heard talk of putting petitions in shops. For now though, get this bad boy signed.

Right, that’s about everything I wanted to say. Take it easy folks.


Mountain Man said...

Yeah I've been quiet for a while. Been busy building racing engines and testing them. Was out all day yesterday and got stuck in below degrees temperatures in the dark on the hard shoulder of the M1 for nearly three hours waiting for the AA after a tyre blowout on the trailer.

In other news, I have played a couple of low stakes online tournaments and stt's on 'Stars, with a couple of minor cashes but nothing exciting.

The Kenster said...