Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Champions League Tonight etc

Reinvesting some of yesterday's profits in small bets on Arsenal (1/1) and Bayern Munich (5/6). Both prices are Ladbrokes. Just for interests sake.

Just received a text from fellow Scoop Trooper Will Walsh who I'm sure won't mind be relaying it here:

"Are Zenit not a cracking bet at 4/1 to beat Juventus tonight? Juventus are nothing special and Roma proved how pish the Italian league is last night."

I definately think there is some value in laying Juve tonight so might get involved.

Early bet for Ryder Cup: Henrik Stenson Top Points Scorer 16/1.

My greyhound betting in my lunch breaks at work has been going really well and thinking of devoting some time this weekend to picking out a few good bets.




Will Walsh said...

so far so good for the Juve lay. I've ended up over investing in this one on fixed odds and spreads!A Juve win is a disaster!

moDtheGod said...

Back to the horsies, William :D