Saturday, 13 September 2008

i'm back! been offline for sometime now and recently made a return after fixing my pc and laptop up.

Since i cashed out of Full Tilt since the tables started to dry out for me I've made a wee return to poker stars. Had a few ups and downs at the sit n goes but going semi alright with the bankroll there.

MTT status on PS is going pretty good at the moment and i'm thinking of regularily taking part in large sunday tournaments starting in two weeks.

This coming sunday (tomorrow) a local pub is hosting a £50 4k GTD tournament which I won a sat for a few months ago at the same venue. The competition is mainly guys that get wasted while playing at the venue on wednesdays with maybe around 2-3 actual decent players. The tournament is a deepstack Freezeout with a 30 min blind clock. I'm expecting a decent cash from this since alot of the players have very little experience in this format of game.

My live game schedule will hopefully fill up somewhat more with my move to bristol next week. Heading south of the border to england to study some more geeky stuff and heard many good things about the casino and possible pools of student players in the area. Already making up plans for organising regular student games and maybe even a North/South tournament. I'll keep you posted of any developements.

All in all i've been good, hows everyone else?! Is aaron dead yet?

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