Tuesday, 30 September 2008

GG.com are shit tipsters

Okay, so Mark and I were chatting last night about how poor GG.com seem to be at tipping horses. Their website is pretty good, I visit quite a lot for information, at least as much as ATR or the RP, but in just over a year of using them I can’t remember them having too many successes with their tips.

We jokingly came to the conclusion that we should lay their “Top Tips” selections and make money. I went away and thought about it and decided to start an experiment, doing exactly that. I haven’t drawn up any hard and fast rules yet, but I thought it would make sense not to oppose their bet of the day, as that’s the one they’re likely to work hardest at and opposing the longshot seems silly, as you’d be risking a big payout on a horse they have specifically sought out to frank the form. The double, treble and Lucky 15 selections seemed like fair game however, so I’d lay each to win 1 point and see what happens.

So having gone to bed at beyond 5 a.m. this morning, I decided I was going to need to set my alarm to make sure I’d have lots of time to get a bath, a cup of tea, food etc before the laying commenced. Good plan, but it seems I just turned my alarm off in my sleep and woke up at 14:35, 5 minutes before their first tip ran. Knowing I couldn’t get to the PC, have it fire up, log into Betdaq etc in time, I left it and went for my bath. I came back to see that Baariq had gone in at 2/1, lucky me.

When I did eventually get some bets on, it couldn’t have gone much better. Furious Belle in the 15:10 was a disappointing 7th, Minus Fifteen ten minutes later finished 3rd, the much fancied Garrai Ard at Tralee could only come third, Urban Warrior in the 16:30 at Sedgefield was yet another 3rd, Reclamation (who I nearly backed when looking at the card last night) disappointed in 4th, Sonnyanjoe was 5th at Tralee and Ebashan was 2nd by three parts of a length.

The only winner they had (that I managed to lay) was Golden Feather in the 17:00 at Sedgefield. Frustratingly, when I came to lay it originally it was 1.68 but I’d emptied my account by laying all the earlier ones, so I had to wait for a few to lose before I could proceed. When I freed up some funds, the price had walked to 2.2+. I decided to wait to see if it would come in but it kept walking. I managed to lay at 2.49 and it went in by 1.5 lengths. The official SP was 11/8 which is a bit lame but still, no major damage done, my liability only being 1.49 points.

GG.com’s nap today was Kingsholm, which you can read about below. I did say that I wouldn’t include the best bet in my laying experiment unless there were some extreme circumstances, like it being a 26 runner field or something, so although I did lay it (heavily) and scoop, I won’t include it in the figures for the experiment.

Winners: -1.49pts
Losers: +7pts
Profit: +5.51pts

It's worth noting that had I got the first one on, my profit would still have been +3.51 points. I also haven't decided whether to include this in my overall Scoop Troop profits/losses yet, so for now I'll keep it apart.

Full details:

15:10 Warwick – Furious Belle @ 2.34 – 7th (+1pt)
15:20 Southwell – Minus Fifteen @ 5.4 - 3rd (+1pt)
16:25 Tralee – Garrai Ard @ 2.76 – 3rd (+1pt)
16:30 Sedgefield – Urban Warrior @ 3.8 – 3rd (+1pt)
16:50 Southwell – Reclamation @ 4.8 – 4th (+1pt)
16:55 Tralee – Sonnyanjoe @ 5.6 4th (+1pt)
17:00 Sedgefield – Golden Feather @ 2.49 – 1st (-1.49pts)
17:15 Curragh – Ebashan @ 2.68 – 2nd (+1pt)

Will report further findings tomorrow and I’m going to look into laying every single one of their picks further down the line, when I am richer! Had I layed every GG.com tip today, I’d have won 29 times (+29 points) and lost 6 times, for a loss of 11.74 points, overall profit of 17.26 points.

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Anonymous said...

I used them for the first time today. As I chose the tips that were not the favourites I won nothing. Saying you think the favourite will win is not being a tipster in my opinion.