Friday, 5 December 2008

Day 4....... on the verge of tilt?

OK so I thought having a nice lead I would easily extend that by backing On Raglan Road in the Sandown 2.00 for £4 at 1.72 to win an easy £3. I should know better than to back a horse of Howard Johnson, a trainer with the most expensive yard of horses in the country, yet only one top class horse. Hasten to say the old dog Junior beat him and away went my £4. I then placed 50p on Quaddick Lake in the Sandown 3.40 at 24.0 but that one is still probably running as we speak!

So my next move and last bet of the day takes me to Germany for some Bundesliga action:

Tsg Hoffenheim to beat Bayern Munich at 5.80 for £2. (also putting some of my own cash on this)

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