Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Dom's Day 2

Sorry I didn't get chance to post my selections up this morning. In truth, my picks were a bit rushed, I was tired last night and only had a quick skim and I got up late this morning, so I didn't have time to find much better. I took the worst of it odds-wise on a couple of them too.

Here's another shot at my Day 1 summary:

Here's what I had today:

19:50 Kempton - Casual Style - £0.87 @ 3.75 - Lose £0.87

I liked the look of this, though I know it's not usually sound to follow favourites at Southwell on the AW. I went for an 87p stake, I can't remember why. Watching th erace, it seemed to have a decent turn of foot but some other horse ran across it. It didn't seem brave enough then to go between the increasingly narrow gap. Given how comfortable the winner looked, I dunno if it would have got there or not, but I think it may have excuses.

Man Utd HT/FT - £1.25 @ 2.55 - Win £1.94

Was getting a little concerned about this, but Tevez broke the deadlock on 36 minutes, to a sigh of relief from me. He went on to get three more in a 5-3 win. Scoop!

Watford vs Spurs Over 2.5 - £1.26 @ 1.82 - Win £1.03

This was nailed on, for me. Most of the last few meetings between these have been ridic high scoring, Watford are awful at the back and through the team, Spurs have a dodgy goalie... if Spurs hadn't have been so wasteful today, it could have been like the Man Utd scoreline. I nearly took over 3.5 at a big price and am glad I didn't, as it needed a late goal for Spurs to secure a 2-1 win.

Commission: 6p

Balance at the end of day 2: £8.42

Hopefully these pics will work this time.


The Kenster said...

can just make it out if i save the file. Might just be my comp.

moDtheGod said...

No, I can't see them. I enlarged them to double the size, but it doesn't enlarge them on the blog, just makes it blurrier. I can't understand why some pictures that you upload can be clicked on and popped up larger in a seperate window, whereas some just sit there and can't be made bigger.

Fix it, computer geek.