Thursday, 4 December 2008

The Troop's £10 Betdaq Challenge

Anyone nipping onto the blog over the last few days will be wondering what the hell is going on. Basically we're having a mini sports betting challenge where we start with £10 and have 2 weeks to win it alllllll! See here:

It's nearing the end of day 3 and everyone seems to be doing ok - well no one is bust yet!

Challengers edit this post with your end of day 3 balance in a league table styleeee!

-will should be ahead as his bet won.

1. Will £14.17
2. Scott £12.21
3. Kenneth £10.06
4. Dom 1.50


moDtheGod said...

Super busy tonight. Haven't time to post. Kenny hassling me on MSN, he tells me my under 2.5 bet on Mansfield has lost, Scott told me that Villa lost by text which fucks up an accy I had and a horse I picked, forget which, lost at Great Leighs.

Balance £1.50

Working all day tomorrow and busy all ngiht, so prob won't get chance to report on tomorrow until Saturday, assuming I get time between Christmas shopping, Sheffield United and packing for Scotland.

Knew this was a bad idea! Will prob just £1.50 on a ridic acca tomorrow to have a chance of getting back into it.

The Kenster said...

Its about time you were busy, doing something other than sitting on your ass all day!
Horrendous performance Dom. I think you should put it on a double/treble, not something too ridic.

moDtheGod said...

Work's mega short staffed. I've walked into a right minefield. About three days in some cunt handed in his notice and we were already desperate. Managers doing 60 hour weeks.

Whole thing's a farce!

After tomorrow, I'll have spent 53 hours in shop since Sunday myself. I'm just a shitty cashier at this stage, for fucks sake!

Still, all pennies in the lead up to Xmas. I think a ridic acca might be the way forward simply because if I go out, it's not the end of the world. I've got at least two full days of travelling anyway, where I'd struggle to find owt to bet on. If I get back nto it, then great.

Reet, bed. Finally.

The Kenster said...

53 hours is over a months work for me so well done!
At the end of the day you may get brownie points for being so willing to work, and you'll always appreciate the extra casherooslol.

You'll be lolling all the way to the bank.

Will Walsh said...

3 of us in profit and the other.......well an embarassment!It's really heating up especially with so many betting opportunities over the weekend.

moDtheGod said...

Used my first bet today already, had Detroit in the small hours of the morning (NHL) to beat Vancouver. Made a whopping 68p after commission, knew I shoulda full-rolled!.

My second bet is a double on Joe Caster (Lingfield 1.50) and Internationaldebut (Lingfield 2.25) - my £1.18 staked would make £8.58, getting me right back in the game.

My third and final bet is Fast Freddie at Wolverhampton (20.20) - £1 at 3.5

Wish me luck ;)

Will Walsh said...

Good luck!

moDtheGod said...

Fast Freddie was a huge disappointment. Joe Caster was abit shit, Internationaldebut won, but no good in a double.