Monday, 1 December 2008

Scoop Troop Betdaq £10 Challenge

I will be joined by fellow Scoop Troopers Will, Ken and Dom in a small sports betting challenge to run for 2 weeks which should be pretty comedy. Rules and details below. If I miss anything or make mistakes then someone point them out asap.

1) The challenge will run from 00:01 on the 2nd of December and conclude at 23:59 on the 15th of December.

2) All players must deposit £10 into Betdaq. Betdaq has been chosen over Betfair as the min bet on Betdaq is 50p compared to Betfair's £2.

3) Each player must place between 1 and 3 bets on each day of the challenge on any of the markets available on Betdaq. Players who do not bet on a certain day must bet their remaining balance the following day on something 5/1 or bigger.

4) The aim of the challenge is to make as much profit from the initial £10 as possible.

5) Prizes: The person with the largest balance on Betdaq as at 23:59 on the 15th of December will be declared the winner. The winner wins 100% of the remaining players' Betdaq balances.

6) Players must post evidence of their balance and bets as much as possible.

Game on bitches!!!


moDtheGod said...

I'd be up for 100%. If you lose, you've still only paid a tenner and if you win and the others do well, you could win a tidy sum, rather than half a tidy sum.

Anyway, if it's clear I'm losing going into the last day, I'll full roll a 50/1 shot ensuring that a) I have a chance to win and b) the winner gets fuck all off me :D

I will post screenshots at the end of most days I think,to prove my bets.

TheHat said...

So I'm having problems depositing on Betdaq, hope to have it sorted by tomorrow though.

Obv winning this.

TheHat said...

just registered on Betdaq.CO.UK as opposed to .com and I seem to be fine now

moDtheGod said...

Clarification please:

50p to win & 50p to place = 1 e/w bet? Or two of my three bets?

moDtheGod said...

Also, I presume three selections in a treble is still a single bet, right?

moDtheGod said...

Testing from my mobile.

Will Walsh said...

Gonna sign up fpr Betdaq tonight and again will post as often as I can. Am off work Weds-Fri so will be able to do plenty of form studying you losers.

moDtheGod said...

I'm going to struggle on that front. Working 12-9.30 until Friday night, cramming hours in for my trip up north for the missus and her birthday, which means two all day travelling sessions and a few days of being unable to do much.

Still winning.