Saturday, 27 December 2008

Welsh National - Chepstow 2.05

Don't have much time to write something up because heading off to a friend's for an Old Firm party - going to be very messy I think.

So anyways, got a extra bit of loose change after Harchibald won yesterday (got 9.8 on BF - thanks to boldie on blonde for highlighting Harchibald in this race so I had a look.

Pretty brutal going yesterday for Will below but I plan to help boost the Xmas wallet with:

High Chimes 10/1 BlueSQ (12.5 on BF)

Sea Diva 50/1 SkyBet (65 on BF)

GL everyone/anyone.

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moDtheGod said...

I boosted my Christmas wallet by not having a bet for ages :D

In other news, I went to an ice hockey game tonight for the first time in my life and once you get over the horribly orchestrated "atmosphere" and rubbish North American terminology, it's actually a pretty good sport!