Sunday, 10 August 2008

Car Crash

I am one lucky boy! In the early hours of this morning I was in a fairly bad car crash and survived with only a few aches and pains, as did the driver and the two backseat passengers.

We were getting a lift back from a friend's house and I was sitting in the passenger seat. It was something like 5am, I was exhausted and couldn't stop myself from dozing off. Then baaannnnnnggggg as we hurtled down a brae and eventually ended about 20 metres from the road with the car on its side. Very, very scary! One hell of a way to be woken up, a tap on the shoulder would have worked.

Everyone seemed fine and in one piece so we clambered out and got everything sorted.

Car obv a write off but I feel so lucky that we didn't smash into a tree or the like. The corner is reknowned for being notoriously tricky with a number of accidents over the years, this coupled with the heavy rain caused the car to slide off. Nasty.

Girlfriend picked me up later on and I was bricking it in the passenger side of her car even though she is an excellent driver. Obv mentally scarred :-p

Below is an artist's impression of events which may or may not accurately illustrate the crash....


Mountain Man said...

Wow ! Nasty stuff, glad you are all ok.

Where did this occur ?

The Kenster said...

jesus christus!

Lucky to escape with only minor injuries!

Have you changed your outlook on life yet?

Does the coffee (tea in your case) smell stronger, are the birds chirping sweeter sounds?

TheHat said...

hey tim, happened on a road between monifieth and wellbank.

Outlook on life not changed, AK is still the nuts.

Back, shoulders and bum are absolutely killing me today.

Mountain Man said...

Pretty unforgiving roads those out there; I nearly piled into a wall in Kellas a couple of years back !

AK is indeed the nuts. Unless of course you are up agains A7 !

moDtheGod said...

"Back, shoulders and bum are absolutely killing me today"

But that's nothing to do with the crash, is it?

Glad you didn't die.