Saturday, 30 August 2008

Weekend Football

Anyone got anything that is jumping out at them this weekend?

I've only had a 5 minute look.

Sheff Utd look good at c.Evens at home to a very depleted Cardiff side. Cardiff missing nearly a full defence and ex-Dee Gavin Rae!

Dunfermline at home to Livingston look nice - 21/20 at bet365. Dunfermline will be up there challenging for the league this year and will have too much for Livingston at East End Park.

Value in Wigan (2/1) away to Hull and Dundee away to QOS (13/8) too.

Comment your selections.


moDtheGod said...

As you know I rarely enjoy backing the away side, but Dundee do appear to have got off to an absolute flyer. I picked Partick for the prediction game, but my knowledge north of the border isn't rally up to much, so I wouldn't risk real money.

Can't see Wigan doing anything away from home at the best of times, especially not against a side like Hull who will be mad for it. They're buzzing, they've invested intelligently and they won't be easy to beat.

I have to say that I agree with you about us. Feeling very positive indeed. Of course, you've put paid to our chances by backing us. Cardiff have an alright record against us over the last few years, but they don't do that well at our place, from memory.

Will Walsh said...

Glad you agree about Sheff Utd- when I looked at the weekend matches this was one of 4 I narrowed it down too.
Other I am considering are Blackburn vs West Ham @3.05,Reading vs Crystal Palace@1.83, St Mirren Vs Aberdeen 3.15

I also think Stoke are value against Middlesborough. I certainly think anyone backing Middlesborough at 4/7 need their heads checked.

Will Walsh said...

Right I'm on Sheff Utd for a big stake. Mon the blades

Will Walsh said...

your team are pish Dom. As are mines and Scotts!

moDtheGod said...

Haha, what the fuck is going on at Wigan? Was there a sending off or something? I got in and went straight to eating, I'm only just finding out some of the scores here. I assume Dundee lost from the above comments.

Don't really know what to say about us, we were okay, we certainly weren't poor. A bit slow early doors, edged an even first half and destroyed them second half, just couldn't get a break. One of those where they seem to get every lucky bounce.

Played some good stuff but the defences won out, really. Both sides were disciplined, organised units and 0-0 is a fair reflection. Should have had a penalty at the end apparently. I shook my head and said no, I felt he was looking for it, but everyone was going mental and Radio Sheffield are describing it as "stonewall", so I shall have to see the highlights.

The ref was utter garbage, mind you, so it won't surprise me if he HAS bottled it. Picky, stop start type - one of them that penalises ridiculous things but then lets two foot tackles go. He failed to notice their player taking a throw in a yard IN from the touchline and in the end the lino had to wade in and restore order, cos Relish caught the ball, as it was obviously a foul throw, and the ref then tried to give them a free kick for handball. Farce.

Anyway, you should all know never to back United, you especially Will - you've know me a long time, I always preach it. Whenever it looks on paper that we should lose, we get something and vice versa.