Sunday, 24 August 2008

Some stuff

Having a nightmare with the internet just now. AOL is so gay. It's limiting me to speeds of around that of a 56k dial up modem. Upload speeds are 3x that which tells me my folks must have some account limit that they don't know about or quite likely, AOL are doing it on the sly. Either way, my dad acknowledges they are shit but flat refuses to change anyway - a sign of everything that is wrong with this country in my opinon. Everyone whinges about being ripped off, from fuel prices to shit broadband, but does anyone ever doing anything? The only reason I haven't called the cunts myself is because I need the master account name and password, which I don't have. Seriously, I have spent close to thirty minutes getting this post up. Joke.

Anyway, the point of the post was threefold. One: I had a decent day's betting today and the Scoop Troop profits are up to 59.46 points. Two: I am trying a baseball betting experiment tonight, so the all time highs could soon end. Three: I haven't played the A-Z game in ages, so I'm having a point on Minnesota Twins at 2.3 (Betmate) for my first shot at the letter "M". Although it's a tough game and they're rotating the squad (and I know not so much about baseball!) they seem a bit overpriced and I feel there's some value. Note, this isn't in one of my "real" bets.


Mountain Man said...

Gone off Massa for the GP then ?

I know little about British Sports and absolutely nothing about American ones, so good luck ! Can't really say any more really.

moDtheGod said...

Minnesota lost 7-5. I didn't think they were as far behind as the bookies, but still, it's a loss for 'M'.

I had 4 "real" bets last night, the Mets were a real let down in my big bet, Texas Rangers were frustrating, getting 7-1 ahead before losing 8-7 but the Diamondbacks romped home 7-1 and the Rockies won 7-6. I'm down, thanks to the mets, but I learned what I wanted to learn and I can see me getting into this.

Roll at 55.22 after that.

A-Z at 3.66

Mountain Man said...

Well ... Massa has won the GP for now at least. Whether the bookies will pay out before the investigation though is another matter.

Thank goodness for the Ferrari pitstop show to add some entertainment into a stale race.