Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Some stuff

That's me back from another trip north of the border to see the wife. Turns out Kenny's cousin is a bell end. Anyway, my train home wasn't until 16:02 so I took the time to get the RP in and enjoy her cable TV (ATR for the win!).

I placed three bets and had a good day - my first was a small bet on Ruby Tallulah in the 15:00 at Lingfield, as it was unlucky last time out, Kirsty Milczarek (pictured) was on it and it was good value at 5.7 - it won, which means KM has now lost her claim. Although I know she's still a good jock, I will be easing off the blind Kirsty backing for now, just to see what happens. Pretty sure I'll be backing her again quickly though, especially if some trainers let her have a go on real horses, with four legs and that run in a straight line and everything.

My other two bets were Rightful Rulers in the 18.10 as the favourite looked awful. Right to oppose, but 3 points lost to an outsider as my selection came 2nd. The 19:25 at Nottingham was better fayre though as Shadow Bay came in, 2 points at 5.2 leaving me 7.76 points in profit for the day and at 53.88 points up since the formation of the Scoop Troop, another all-time high. Let's hope the upward trend carries on.

I have a job interview tomorrow, I don't really want the job but I can't afford not to work. I almost hope I don't get it really, but I have literally no other options open to me just now and beggars can't be choosers. The sick news is that my strike rate at interviews is 0%. Honestly. I have had 7 jobs in my life (counting the two spells at Hustlers as two jobs) and they were all down to knowing the right people, no interview required. They always throw me a curveball, some bullshit hippy question which catches me out and makes me look stupid. "What's your favourite colour and why?"

Might go to Bramall Lane tomorrow, nothing better to do. We won't beat Port Vale, I wonder if he'll put a strong side out. Loving the pigs failing to beat 10 man Rovrum at home tonight, ridiculous but hilarious.

Think I'll leave it there and go play G1 jockey which is quite simply, the best Wii game ever.


Mountain Man said...

I am intrigued as to why Kenny's cousin is such a "bell end" ?

Please elaborate !

Dominic said...

He's Dundonian, rude and aggressive. He's just a dick.

United played well tonight. My interview was a farce. Got there, place was literally still a building site (supposed to open end of August!) and noone to meet me. The "management suite" knew nothing about it and the whole thing was a farce. Just went and got a burger, perved on some hotties and then went to the football.

All in all, a productive day.

Mountain Man said...

Surely after spending much of your time working / socialising in such hotspots as "Hustlers" & "Diamond Curry Bizarre" the aggressive and rude nature of many Dundonians should not come as a shock to you.

Perhaps I should enjoy his company in a future visit.