Friday, 29 August 2008

Run Continues

Sorry I've not been posting much recently, things have been hectic including an awesome week in Tenerife. But I'm sure you don't want to know about my escapades there. My run of fortune on the betting front has shown no signs of a decline. I have incurred a few sore losses but taken them in my stride and I have continued the trend of winning and show an incredible 6 week profit (email me if you want to talk figures.)

I have withdrawn a fair amount of profits and have also split my bank between betfair,stan james and a new spread betting account with Sporting Index which I intend to start utilising. I am a novice to spread betting but look forward to using it to my advantage. I really can't tell you why I have suddenly become so successful and the longer it continues the harder it is to put it down to luck. My philosophy has been to go for few bets but big stakes. I detail below my bets by numbers over the last 6 weeks. I hope to review these bets next week and work out some ROI's etc and see where I have won/lost most. I am safe in the knowledge though that should I tilt much of my winnings has paid off my credit cards or is in a bank account!

150 Horse Race bets
1 Baseball
1 Cricket
2 Motor Sports
4 Football
16 Tennis


moDtheGod said...

"Sorry I've not been posting much recently"

Don't worry, Adnan and Tim never post, Ken only posts when he's about to start a roll and then when he's lost it and Scott only ever posts ill thought out, poor value away win bets, once a month!

I can explain your hot streak. You back every O'Brien nag ever. O'Brien has hit amazing form. You show big profit. Coolmore whore ;)

Seriously though, keep up the good work. Had a shit day today personally, down 9 points, all my nags took big walks in the market and performed accordingly. That said, I did make a mistake in my matched betting which earned me £200. Wish all cock ups made me £200.

moDtheGod said...

Another thing, I keep meaning to ask you. Do you not use MSN anymore or have you just changed your login? I never seem to have live chats anymore.

TheHat said...

lol @ Dom, spaz comments again.

I sense some heads up betting bet coming up.

You suck at everything.

Will Walsh said...

I just don't use MSN much any more-I will try to start using it a bit more. If you went through my winners you would find a small percentage of the bets were on Coolmore horses although the Duke has contributed to a fair whack to this roll!