Sunday, 4 January 2009

Black Day for Blackpool

Apologies for the Blackpool tip yesterday - the site I use for English football team information made no reference to the fact that Blackpool had lost 8 players due to their loan contracts coming to an end! In fact I vaguely remember the words "full strength" being mentioned. Cunts. They lost 1-0 to non-league Torquay.

Anyway, hope someone got some action on Hamilton after they scored twice in the 2nd half to beat Aberdeen 2-0. Should probably stick to the Scottish football where I know the info I get is good.

A good win for my team Dundee yesterday against Dunfermline. Shock it was 1-0. We have the best defense in Scotland but are the lowest scorers in Britain!

In other news I promised the girlfriend I would do some sort of diet thing with her for a month where I get to eat no sweets, crisps or takeaways as well as exercise frequently. Going to be an absolute killer but kinda need it cos my weight keeps creeping up.

Added two more bets on Big Brother that I think I'll be able to lay off later to make guaranteed profit. Tina Malone @ 18.5 and Tommy Sheridan @ 46.

GL with whatever.



Ukgatsby said...

Happy New Year
gl gl for 09


moDtheGod said...

It wasn't just Scott that was tricked - William Hill's odds compilers were too. Our coupons had Blackpool at odds on, 10/11 or something, but on the computers prices were changed on match day. At least they realised eventually, but those guys are PAID to look at things like that.

I was going to back them, the only reason I didn't run up the road to Laddies was because I saw the change flagged when I put a coupon through. Thought summat fishy must have gone on, not often we ease teams out like that.