Saturday, 3 January 2009

Energy Drinks (and bets)

I probably shouldn't drink as many energy drinks as I do but whatever blah - staple diet of a poker player. So anyway, I nip into Tesco on my break in work for a pick me up because working is shit and the sugar makes me zone out for a bit I think and discover the disaster of them not having any of my favourites in stock (more on those in a bit). Was angry.

Then I spot this shiny can of Irn Bru 32 sitting there, it's something like 79p so I take the gamble. Like most of my recent sports bets this gamble didn't pay off, the stuff is ridic bad and should be disgusted to call itself an energy drink. It tastes like flat irn bru ffs.

So this is basically a moan about how this stuff is shit and a warning to stay clear of it at all costs. I'd probably take a bottle of piss over this stuff if it was a toss up.

My favourite energy drinks:

1. Relentless
2. V
3. Lucozade Original

Nothing beats Relentless, nothing. Have I missed anything?

Some selections to get on this weekend:

Torquay v. Blackpool 11/10 Ladbrokes

This fixture jumps out at me as of course Torquay are a non-league side and Blackpool turn out in the Championship. Blackpool have a decent away record, 4-5-4, in a league where most teams can beat each other and home advantage is vital so we shouln't be put off by them travelling for this fixture. Torquay will obviously be up for the game with it being the FA Cup but I expect Blackpool to have a little too much quality and come away with a 2-0ish victory.

Hamilton v. Aberdeen 11/4 Coral

I pointed out the 11/4 available on Hamilton on The Gambler's blog yesterday and it seems it has been snapped up everywhere with the exception of Corals. Aberdeen's first team squad have been hit by a massive flu bug and there was rumour that they may ask for a postponement. Key players like captain Scott Severin will miss out and those that do recover are unlikely to be at their best. Hamilton's home form has also been decent of late with wins over St Mirren and Kilmarnock in their last two home games.

One last thing, have a bit on Michelle Heaton on Celebrity Big Brother. Looks like you can get >30 on Betfair.

Good Luck.



Mountain Man said...

Lucozade Tropical for me, closely followed by the Original variety. Also a fan of the still Lucozade Sport orange. Avoid Lucozade Lemon though, it's foul.

Red Bull is purely a mixer for vodka ! Relentless isn't a big brand here yet, but I do like it and have had it in Scotland a few times, and as they sponsor a lot of bike racing I've had it there a few times too.

I see there were some scalps in the FAmous Cup this afternoon, as well as in the SPL with the D.A.B.s drawing with Celtic. Accas surely getting shot to shit, no doubt !

moDtheGod said...

I don't drink energy drinks. What were those cheap ones in Hustlers called, Tim?

I like Ulrika Jonsson at 14/1 (FatFred) but I never bet on shite like this, you don't know who they'll add in later or remove due to a foul mouthed outburst.

Just thought I'd share a story from tonight. Some young lad that comes into the shop, he's a bit simple, he'd had a bet tonight on Liverpool to win 1-0. With 86 minutes gone, he sticks £30 on under 1.5 goals (2/5) in running. He stands at the counter until the 90 minute mark and hands me his "winning" slips. I explain that "90 minute betting" means "excluding extra time" and obviously includes stoppage time. I try hard not to BOL as continues to stand there and on 93 minutes and some secondsm, Liverpool score to ruin both of his bets.

Har har.

Mountain Man said...

Oh god, cheap energy drinks in Hustlers ? Red Rooster or Red Devil maybe ?

He had cheap versions of every drink but wanted to sell them at premium prices. I might post that spoof idiots guide to running a business that Neil made up at some point !

Mountain Man said...

Oh I fancied a bet on Mini Me for CBB. Thing is at 5/4 he's too short ! fnar fnar

OK I'll get me coat ...

Will Walsh said...

For me you can't beat Powerade Cherry - I swear by that stuff. I've never tried relentless or V only ever red Bull which I like-Vodka or now

Amatay said...

I'll have to get on that Relentless stuff

moDtheGod said...

I like Ulrika Jonsson at 14/1 (FatFred) but I never bet on shite like this, you don't know who they'll add in later or remove due to a foul mouthed outburst.

Bad beat for me!