Friday, 9 January 2009

One hundred and eighty!

So i went on a shit holiday for a couple of days and haven't been online much. I think i've almost forgotten how to use t'internet!

But one good thing is that I've been getting into the darts championship going on, and I've really warmed to Darryl Fitton. At the moment he's favourite at 3.9 (betfair).

I liked watching him play and was always rooting for him, perhaps because he had to come back from behind to win in an underdog style. I love underdogs.

I also enjoyed watching John Walton, somebody who won the championship in 2001 and has made some sort of unexpected return as far as I'm aware.
He is the longest price there, at present 9.8.

Watching them play, I was impressed by the constant top scoring quality of Fitton as well as all-round quality displayed by Walton. If you've been watching, some of the players (including Fitton) haven't been performing very well, with some messy games.

A lot of the players looked pissed off, and I think its because of the heat of the Lakeside venue putting them off.
They also look like they are under a lot of pressure most of the time, so in my opinion having someone who will not crumble is important.
This applies to Fitton (came back from behind twice under pressure), and Walton - because perhaps he is not expected to win, so there is no pressure on him at all.

What excites my loins even further is that these two are on opposite sides of the draw meaning we can potentially see both my bets into the final for a win-win situation.

For these reasons I am inclined to enjoy a little flutter on these two.

Is anybody watching the darts?

Scott - we must have a game soon!


The Kenster said...

shit. walton out :(

Will Walsh said...

Unlucky with the Walton bet-he seemed to be injured.

I used to watch this BDO one all the time and remember the likes of Wayne Mardle and Raymond Barneveld being in it. Looks like its all the rubbish players left over in this one now. Would like to see Ted Hankey win though as I like his "angry man" persona and he has been playing in it for as long as I can remember.

The Kenster said...

I got owned by the betting gods, perhaps the angel of darts :(

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